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Aileen Horn, Santa Fe Sky
Aileen Horn Santa Fe Sky

Cheri Reckers
Cheri Reckers

Diane Lawrence, Surface Patterns
Diane Lawrence Surface Patterns

Jan Janas, Orchids
Jan Janas Orchids

Jan Janas, The Crowd
Jan Janas The Crowd

Jean-Louis Mireault
Jean-Louis Mireault

Jean-Louis Mireault
Jean-Louis Mireault

Lee Zimmerman
Lee Zimmerman

Lee Zimmerman, Torso
Lee Zimmerman Torso

Lenaria Brondum
Lenaria Brondum

Lynn Meeks, Orchids
Lynn Meeks Orchids

Mary Edna Fraser, Moonlit Chrysanthemum
Mary Edna Fraser Moonlit Chrysanthemum

Sharon A Shankland- White Hibiscus
Sharon A Shankland- White Hibiscus

Susan Quateman, Quarries
Susan Quateman Quarries

Suzanne Punch, Landscape with Blue
Suzanne Punch Landscape with Blue

Suzanne Punch, Verdigris Orchid
Suzanne Punch Verdigris Orchid

Suzanne Visor, Run For Cover
Suzanne Visor Run For Cover

Sandra K. Johnson,Prince Charming
Sandra K. Johnson Prince Charming

Karen Sistek,Fumie
Karen Sistek Fumie

Diane Lawrence,Sunset with Gold
Diane Lawrence Sunset with Gold

Linda Bolhuis,After the Rain
Linda Bolhuis After the Rain

Natasha Foucault,Tiger Eyes
Natasha Foucault Tiger Eyes

News from SPIN Member Susan Quateman!

Susan has teamed up with photographer Leslie D. Bartlett to create a gallery of spectacular images that celebrate the quarries of Cape Ann. 

"The quarries symbolize my secret gardens of quiet beauty, which I have tried to capture on silk. " - Susan Quateman

Video of Spring Awakening at FlatRocks Gallery


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